Saturday 13 May 2017

More Rogue Trooper Orks

I recently had the chance to make a flying visit to the Warhammer World shop, where I picked up a shiny new hardback of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader. It is a very good reproduction indeed, and certainly replaces my tatty softback copy. I hope that it is only the first release of classic books by Games Workshop.

I also, to the horror of my bank balance, picked up the new Warhammer Quest game. It is great to see that Games Workshop are releasing self contained games again, a bit less so that the miniatures need serious assembly. If these kits were just a little bit simpler, even snap together, Games Workshop could (once again) make a dent on gaming beyond the dedicated hobbyist. Or Hobbyist.

Anyway, flicking through Rogue Trader prompted me to dig out some classic miniatures, and to add one more Space Ork to my band of lead boyz.

Added the power armoured Ork on the left. And yes, that is a copy of Dreadfleet still in the shrinkwrap...


  1. I think GW is learning its lesson, albeit slowly; Blood Bowl has push-together miniatures, and the new fantasy arena battle game will have too, I believe.

    I'm pleased to see that Rogue Trader is still for sale; I thought it was going to be a limited release. I need to make the trip up to Warhammer World one day.

    1. W40K:RT is an extremely good facsimile, and appears to be very well bound to boot, lying open on the table - though perhaps my expectations are low due to the quality of PoD books (even though I think PoD is one of the best things to happen for gaming!).

      I think the staff member who collared me as I was browsing tried to tell me about this new battle game, though I'm not sure he was exactly clear as to what it would be. Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal does look very good, but it will take me days to put together the miniatures. I'm sure that many will praise the high-quality miniatures, but I'll concede that if pushed, my concern is for high-utility miniatures: cheap, easy to assemble, and easy* to paint.

      *By easy to paint I'm trying to get at the relatively straightforward models such as the Orks above can be painted to a reasonable standard much more quickly that contemporary models, festooned with details. That doesn't mean that you can't put a Golden Demon paint job on an easy to paint model, it just means you can get them table-worthy much more quickly.

    2. I'm told that these new fantasy space marines have been designed to be easy to paint.

    3. Excellent. I will report on my experience... in however many months it takes me to get round to it.