Wednesday 26 July 2017

Interesting, Extended Review of WFRP1e

So, I'm not on this blog much. Or blogging much at all, neither here or on my main blog. I've been running some Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e - The Warlock of Firetop Mountain no less - using my Viscera! booklet to add some grim peril to the adventure. But I am perpetually stricken by bouts of gamer ADD - and while running one game I am fantasising about running another. A stack builds. Or rather stacks build, of books that I've pulled from my shelves with half a mind to making *that* my next campaign. Currently my stack is filled with BRP/d100 games (the elegance and ease with which d100 games run, and are comprehended by casual players attracts), OSR bits and bobs (there is so much creativity in OSR communities), and Fate games (I really want to 'grok' this approach to playing). But always, always wedged in those stacks is a WFRP1e or 2e book, a game that has a tight hold on my imagination. If anyone is interested, most usually it is the WFRP1e rulebook, or the 2e Career Compendium (which sparks off all kinds of sandboxy adventure ideas).

That's by-the-by, really. What I have logged into say is that the Prince of Nothing has produced an exhaustive, multi-part review of WFRP1e (in anticipation of Zweihander). Even warts-and-all reviews of WFRP1e remind me of what I'm missing!

Saturday 13 May 2017

More Rogue Trooper Orks

I recently had the chance to make a flying visit to the Warhammer World shop, where I picked up a shiny new hardback of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader. It is a very good reproduction indeed, and certainly replaces my tatty softback copy. I hope that it is only the first release of classic books by Games Workshop.

I also, to the horror of my bank balance, picked up the new Warhammer Quest game. It is great to see that Games Workshop are releasing self contained games again, a bit less so that the miniatures need serious assembly. If these kits were just a little bit simpler, even snap together, Games Workshop could (once again) make a dent on gaming beyond the dedicated hobbyist. Or Hobbyist.

Anyway, flicking through Rogue Trader prompted me to dig out some classic miniatures, and to add one more Space Ork to my band of lead boyz.

Added the power armoured Ork on the left. And yes, that is a copy of Dreadfleet still in the shrinkwrap...

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Awesome New WFRP Blog

Thanks to Strike to Stun* I have stumbled across a fantastic new-ish WFRP blog - Awesome Lies, by Gideon. I have been enjoying his WFRP Manifesto series, which looks at the history and design of WFRP1e, but it is also the home of his excellent The Enemy Within Companion, and a new document that sounds absolutely up my street - a conversion of Night's Dark Terror (original available here) to WFRP1e. 

*Strike to Stun is a forum I ought frequent more often, as I ought spend more time at Arion Games' Advanced Fighting Fantasy forum and BRP Central. But I can't remember any of my log in details!

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