Saturday 20 June 2015

Website: Strike to Stun

Over the next few weeks I'll be populating my links gadget with Warhammer blogs and sites. The first one that I should add is the venerable Strike to Stun. The forums are still fairly active - I ought to take a greater part in the discussions, though I have popped up from time to time - which is some achievement given the decline of forums in the face of more recent developments in social media. Such as blogs. And Google+. And, and, and...

Anyhow, Strike to Stun's Warhammer General Discussion (53 posts active in 2015), WFRP 1st edition (20 posts active in 2015), and WFRP 2nd edition (40 posts active in 2015) are all places of ongoing discussion of roleplaying the Warhammer world. There are also a number of less busy, but still active forums discussing WFRP3e, general roleplaying &c., and - and this is sure to be a topic of several further post - Zweihander, the clone-in-spirit of WFRP.  

Strike to Stun also used to have a website, a collection of useful downloads, including, if I remember rightly, a web-zine, &c. All that appears to be left - and I am happy to be corrected - is the forum.

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